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Any time acute pain is noticed in your foot, you should seek medical treatment from an experienced and qualified doctor. At Midtown Foot Care, the expert team of podiatrists provides services to treat stress fractures in your foot or lower leg. Call one of their New York City offices or book your appointment online today.

Stress Fracture Q & A

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How does a stress fracture differ from a traumatic fracture?

A stress fracture happens when a small amount of force causes a bone to break or crack, but not shift out of position. Stress fractures are considered a weakening or fatiguing of the bone. A traumatic fracture happens when a significant amount of force causes a bone to break or crack and become displaced.

A stress fracture is often caused by repetitive movement or wearing down of the bones in your joints. The expert team at Midtown Foot Care will determine if you have a fracture and the type of fracture you have.

What causes stress fractures?

Many tiny bones make up the foot. People with healthy bones can develop stress fractures from high-impact sports, walking in high heels, or standing for long periods of time.

Some people have weak bones caused by osteoporosis. Weak bones are unable to withstand normal forces of pressure. If you have weakened bones, you may be at more risk of developing stress fractures.

How are stress fractures treated?

Stress fractures need to be diagnosed as quickly as possible. If you suspect you have a stress fracture, avoid putting unnecessary weight on your foot or leg. Reducing your activity and using a brace or a walking boot for a short time are the most common treatments for a stress fracture.

In some cases, anti-inflammatory medicine or surgery may be suggested. Speak with your doctor at Midtown Foot Care to discuss treatment options available to you.

What is the recovery time for stress fractures in the feet or legs?

Stress fractures can heal in as little as four to six weeks. Oftentimes, normal activity can resume shortly after the fracture has healed. A gradual increase in activity will improve your strength and balance after you have finished healing from the fracture. Discussing your recovery time with your doctor is important to understand healing expectations.

If you are experiencing pain in your foot and think you may have a fracture, call the team of doctors at Midtown Foot Care today to schedule an appointment, or book an appointment online.