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If you notice one or more of your toes bending at a different angle or feel pain while wearing shoes, you may have hammertoe. The board-certified podiatrists at Midtown Foot Care are experienced in treating any hammertoe issues you experience. Call to schedule an appointment or book an appointment online today at one of their New York City offices.

Hammertoes Q & A

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What is hammertoe?

Hammertoe occurs when the joints in the second, third, or fourth toes are not correctly formed, and bend or curl improperly. When that happens, your toe curls down, often resembling a hammer. Hammertoe is progressive and gets worse over time.

Hammertoe is caused by an imbalance of the pressure on the toes, and can also be inherited. When you suffer from hammertoe, wearing shoes and even walking can become painful and unbearable.

The team of podiatrists at Midtown Foot Care can expertly treat your hammertoe in one of their conveniently located offices.

Can hammertoe be corrected?

Hammertoe can be corrected when treatment begins early. If hammertoe is left untreated, the toe may resist correction. Without treatment or intervention, hammertoe can’t be corrected.

Non-surgical treatment options include padding around the toe, different shoes, use of orthotics, and anti-inflammatory medicine. Surgery is an option if orthotics and anti-inflammatory medicine don’t work. If the toe is extremely deformed, surgery may be the best option.

The group of board-certified doctors at Midtown Foot Care creates a specific treatment plan for your hammertoe.

Does hammertoe hurt when corrected?

Correction of hammertoe can be uncomfortable, but not more uncomfortable than the pain from hammertoe without treatment. With treatment and orthotics, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are stretched and reformed.

Without treatment, hammertoe can become even more painful, causing bleeding or open sores on the toe. If you are experiencing acute pain, bleeding, or sores on your toe, please contact the professional doctors at Midtown Foot Care for treatment.

How long does hammertoe treatment last?

If surgery is not recommended, treatment for hammertoe can take three to six weeks. Your toe will need to remain in an upright and straight position for the needed amount of time. A brace or padding keeps your toe straight during treatment.

If surgery is required, it will take longer for your toe to heal. Healing time is about six weeks and you should be able to return to normal activities within a few months.

Call the team of experienced doctors at Midtown Foot Care today to treat your hammertoe before the symptoms worsen.